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What is Phishing? What does 3rdKey do?
What is anti-phishing?

3rdKey.com will ALWAYS require you to acknowledge an anti-phishing phrase before we'll ask for your encryption keys.

Not only that, but we will encrypt the phrase using 3 letters from your 3rdKey, so you will need to enter those 3 letters first. And then the phrase will be deciphered.

If you are asked for your encryption keys before verifying your anti-phishing phrase

you are NOT ON THE 3rdKey SERVER.

Phishing is a type of attack where the bad guys try to get you to enter your private information into their system so they can steal things from you.

A lot of the time, its in the form of an email or text message from someone you know or might know or want to know. Or it might appear to be from a company that you trust (like your bank or 3rdKey.com).

Recently I've seen text messages from someone pretending to be Royal Mail, DPL, UPS, and several others, sometimes their name is misspelled slightly. But the domain in the URL is always wrong (but it sure looks right!)

The idea is that you trust them, so you go to a web site to sign in or register, in doing so you give someone else your username and access credentials.

When that happens, you've been caught, hook, line and sinker.

3rdKey shows you an anti-phishing phrase to stop you from giving your 3rdKey credentials to another server.

Most banks are now showing an anti-phishing phrase, so you can be sure that it's them, but they don't combine that with a 3rdKey that stops other browser attacks

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