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I don't remember my keys
Can I reset my keys?
How do I recover my keys?
Send a reminder to my email
Reset my 3rd key via email

The truth is that we don't know them either, and we can not recover them for you.

We know. We know exactly what you're thinking right now. That's actually why we suggest using five or six words that you will remember easily, but that others won't associate with you.

And it's why we asked you to give us a reminder, that we can send you, to help you remember what you entered for your keys.

So if you've given us a good reminder, and have given us your email address, then we can send you your reminders via email

We don't keep your 1st or 2nd key anywhere in our system, we don't even keep them together when you're connected to your account. So we can't reset them for you.

We do, however keep your 3rdKey, encrypted, in our database, so we can reset that for you, Send a link to reset your 3rd key

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