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What is a password manager?

The short answer:
A password manager creates and stores passwords which are extremely difficult for the bad guys to guess or steal.

We all know that we need strong passwords to prevent hackers from accessing our data (stealing our money). And we know we need different passwords for each site.

"A password that can be guessed is no password at all"
"Using one password means a breach at one is a breach at all of them"

Companies don't actually get breached, do they? Yes they do, lots of them!

But remembering dozens or hundreds of strong passwords is impossible.

The need for a system that manages passwords, safely, securely, and easily. But ease of use must not be at the expense of keeping the data safe.

A password manager's first and foremost priority should be keeping your passwords safe.

3rdKey.com creates very strong random passwords. Different passwords for each of your sites. And keeps them very safe. Safer than any other password management system.

Additionally, 3rdKey loads the password into the clipboard so you just "paste" the password for log in.

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