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Why is 3rdKey the best password manager?

There are a number of features that are fundamental to 3rdKey.com that go beyond other password managers.

Every year millions of people's passwords are released onto the internet to be fed into password cracking systems by hundreds if not thousands of hackers. These are taken from big companies, like Yahoo, Facebook, the US Department of Justice, Uber, Wells Fargo, LinkedIn, and many, many more.

We at 3rdKey.com believe that the current standard method of storing data, particularly in password managers is not safe and secure. We believe that the question we should ask is not "how do we prevent compromising a database?", but rather "when a database is compromised how do we prevent the data from being compromised?"

So we have come up with a unique way to store password data, encrypted using keys that are chosen by each customer. The passwords can not be deciphered without these keys, which you enter when you log in. So a list of 3rdKey.com's password hashes released to the internet are completely useless for accessing 3rdKey.com's database or for gaining access to any of our customers passwords.

This unique method sacrifices a small amount of ease of use for a large amount of security. And we believe the trade-off is worth it.

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