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Why keys and not a password at 3rdKey?

Most sites store a password with your account information. When you log in, the site compares what you entered with what is in the database, and if they match you are logged in.

The data in the database is not encrypted, or its encrypted using an algorithm common to all data on the site, the site relies on the fact that you logged in to ensure that no-one else can see your private data.

Many sites encrypt the password, using an algorithm common to all passwords on the site, so that should an external bad person gain access to the database they will not be able to read your password. (some do not)

But remember, most site breaches are inside jobs

At 3rdKey.com, we go one step further. We do not store your password at all.

Instead we keep all of your data encrypted using the two keys you provide when you log in. Two keys that we don't know. We can't decipher your data without your keys, and only you know them.

That's worth repeating, we can not read your data without the keys that only you know.

Insiders can't get to your data.

Here is a list of things we do not encrypt, these are things insiders can read, and if our data is released, this is your level of risk.

This is a list of the things that we encrypt with our own keys, so we can decipher them, but someone getting the database would need to decipher (an insider would be able to decipher these) The rest of your data, including all of your passwords, URLs, notes, etc. are all encrypted using your keys, so not even anyone with access to the database can decipher them.

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