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What is a site breach?
Do site breaches happen?
How likely are site breaches?
How likely will my data be released to the public?

A site breach is when a server is compromised and its data is taken by bad guys, often the information is sold or released to other bad guys or the public.

And it's not a matter of IF a site will be breached, but rather it's a question of WHEN a site will be breached.

What this means is that data that you've trusted to any company will eventually be made available to people who you don't want to have it.

At 3rdKey, we're not focused on only preventing a site breach, but on how to prevent the bad guys from accessing your data even if they get hold of your data.

We don't store your first and second key.

Your first and second keys are combined to form an encryption key, we don't store that key either.

Most of your data with some exceptions is encrypted with your encryption keys, not ours.

If someone figures out the encryption keys for one of our customers, they have only got the data for that one customer. Each customer has their own encryption keys.

If our customers follow our instructions about how to set up their keys, it will take thousands of years for someone to figure out each customer's encryption keys.

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